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Hi! I'm Kayla. I am a front-end developer who is passionate about inclusive design. I advocate for user experience, especially accessibility.

I enjoy teaching others about accessibility and other front-end stuff through various speaking engagements, which can be found in the talks section of my site, and blogging on The Dev Community. I also enjoy learning about new front-end technologies that I don't necessarily get to use in my day-to-day work. Currently, I am learning React and Gatsby.

I love playing video games. I primarily play on my Xbox One but have been known to do some PC gaming. Currently, I'm playing Ark with my husband, Richard. Through gaming, I am able to support Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital, Mississippi's only children's hospital, via Extra Life.

I am a competitive powerlifter. I love competing and learning about different ways to make myself stronger. I became a USA Powerlifting Certified Club Coach to spread the word about women's powerlifting and also to help others find their strength. You can find out more about my powerlifting endeavors on the powerlifting section of my site.

Kayla and Richard at a lights festival.

I'm happily married to my husband, Richard. Richard is also a software developer. He shares my passion for teaching other developers and giving users a great experience regardless of ability.

Richard and I also enjoy freelancing together. Most recently, we have created a timer and clue tool for a local escape room called, Enter Locked. If you've played the Murder Motel and received a clue or checked how much time you have left, we did that!

We love to travel. Richard travels for work, so I tag along when possible. We typically also attend conferences together, especially when I'm speaking. If you've ever heard me speak at a conference, Richard has probably heard that talk dozens of times before! Thankfully, he's still in the crowd of those talks for support.

Captain and Piper sharing a blanket on the couch.

Richard and I have two dogs, Captain and Piper. Captain is a 8-year-old, short-haired Jack Russell Terrier. We've been told we should have named him Wishbone because of the markings on his face. He loves sunbathing, eating, and napping. Piper is a 2-year-old, wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier. She also goes by Pipathan Louise, Piberham, and most often, Pipey. She's our wild child and loves playing with her JW HOL-ee Roller.